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"KC Leah"
Kacie Stanford

Hi! I'm Kacie
I'm just your friendly neighborhood pink haired cat lady who narrates spicy audiobooks in my spare time.
 I've been a small business owner and boutique/gallery owner of 16 years and have helped produce marketing materials and voice over ads for local businesses and events over the years. I began my audiobook narrator journey in 2022 after several years of research and self-doubting, but once I took the plunge---I'm hooked and have continued diving in head first, I love learning and new challenges from new stories, new characters, to producing the audio for retail sale. 
So far I have 7 audiobooks under my belt and growing. My favorite genre is of the spicy variety with romance and erotic stories being my most popular and most requested, which is fine by me because I say the spicier the better! 

I consider myself to be fairly technologically savvy and a quick learner, so I'd love the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next audio project whether it's a commercial, audiobook, animated character, or just to record a sexy voicemail message, I'm your girl. 

Below is just  a taste of my projects I've worked on lately, if you like what you hear please feel free to drop me a line.

You can also check out more of my other professional work as an acrylic artist at


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